Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Get Mileys beautiful eyes :D

Creating a smokey eye can be difficult no matter how many how-to’s you read, but what if your eyeshadow palette TOLD you just what to do?
Getting a sultry eye look like Miley Cyrus has never been easier. The Stila Smoky Eye Talking Palette includes four shades and literally tells how to apply each one. A Stila makeup artist’s voice will come through the palette explaining exactly how to apply each shadow from what brush you should use to where you need to apply the color. The entire process takes less than one minute!
Once you’ve gotten the hang of how to create the perfect smokey eye, you can leave the audio tutorial in the dust and just use the product for its shadows. The palette, in the shade The Grays, includes a shimmering white, a jet black, a silver and a silver-gray. The black shade can double as an eyeliner when used with a pointed brush and a bit of water, but I’ll let the palette do the talking…

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